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Vintage Watford Taxi Spares is solely run by the owner Mr. Mal Smith.
With an engineering background Mal became involved in the London Taxi business over 20 years ago. He began with a small workshop maintaining and repairing taxis and went on to own a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating from premises in West London

In 1999 he sold the fleet and established Vintage Taxis Spares with the older parts that were in stock and not required by the new owner. Subsequently considerable additional parts have been added so that the stock is now extensive specializing mainly in parts for the FX4.

In 2004, Mal relocated from London to a new address in Gillingham, Dorset, and Vintage Taxi Spares followed him to his new rural location.

A well known figure in the Kingston Cab Trade, Mal is a member of The Fellowship of Hackney Carriage Drivers and The London Banstead Taxi Association. He has his own collection of vintage taxis and attends shows and supports events whenever he can.

His aim is now to help owners and collectors keep their taxis running and he is happy to give free advice on repairs to bodywork and mechanical restoration mainly on FX4’s but will also try to help on all other models.

He also has cabs for sale from time to time.


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